Our Board

Because we are only at the early stages of building a truly inclusive, diverse, and broadly participatory organization, we see our current Board of Directors as a kind of “Board-in-progress”—cultivating and opening the space for what is to come.

Sherie Blumenthal (Treasurer, Associate Member) is Manager for Community Programs at St. Mary’s Nutrition Center in Lewiston, a co-organizer of the Lewiston Farmers Market, and a core member of the Central Maine chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice, and a steadfast advocate for equitable food systems and land access.

Kate Boverman (Resident Member) is a farmer, community herbalist, permaculture teacher, co-organizer of Wild Mountain Cooperative, and a co-founder of the Northeast Radical Herbalist Network (Radherb)—dedicated to promoting health justice principles within herbalist communities.

Nathan Brimmer (Associate Member) is, among many other things, a long-time social and economic justice activist, a community educator, a dedicated board member of the grassroots catalyst organization Resources for Organizing and Social Change (ROSC), and VP of Operations for Axiom Technologies—coordinating the expansion of broadband internet to Maine’s remote island communities.

Jonah Fertig-Burd (Associate Member) works with farmers, food producers, cooks, distributors, and community members to develop democratic business through his work as Cooperative Development Specialist with the Cooperative Development Institute. He is a co-founder of the Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative, Local Sprouts Cooperative, Greater Portland Community Land Trust, and Cooperative Design Lab. He lives with his partner and two kids at Celebration Tree Farm in Durham, Maine.

Katharine Gaillard (Resident Member) is a passionate farmer and advocate for just food systems. She has been growing food for five seasons, most recently at Wild Mountain Cooperative. She studied politics at Bates College, is a co-founder of the college’s community garden, and has been involved with many other collaborative and community-based projects.

Daphne Loring (Associate Member) is Coordinator of Community Programs at the Cobscook Community Learning Center, former director of the Maine Fair Trade Campaign, and a passionate community organizer, educator, and advocate for justice, grassroots democracy, and community-based alternatives.

Ethan Miller (Organizational Development Coordinator; Resident Member) is a long-time organizer, educator, and researcher focused on just and sustainable livelihoods. When not working for Land in Common, he manages the Wild Mountain Cooperative orchard, teaches courses in Environmental Studies at Bates College, and is the author of a recent book on ecological futures in Maine called Reimagining Livelihoods: Life beyond Economy, Society, and Environment (University of Minnesota Press, 2019).

Camille Parrish (Associate Member) is a long-time advocate for land conservation and healthy, equitable food systems in the Lewiston/Auburn area. She teaches and coordinates internships in Environmental Studies at Bates College and has served for many years on the board of the Androscoggin Land Trust, is a member of the Good Food Council of Lewiston Auburn, and has worked closely with Lots to Gardens (St. Mary’s Nutrition Center) for nearly two decades.