About Us

Land in Common is a member-run Community Land Trust based in Greene, Maine. We are dedicated to the promotion of land justice and to the protection and stewardship of rural lands. We believe that secure access to life-sustaining land is a human right, and we seek to transform our current unjust and unequal system of land ownership into a system where human and nonhuman life can flourish in reciprocity. 

Our Land in Greene

Since our founding in 2008, we have permanently protected 250 acres of farmland and wild land in Greene through community land trust ownership. Seventy-four of these acres are working land, housing Wild Mountain Cooperative, a collectively-run community farm, and providing community growing space for Presente! Maine, a Portland-based Latinx mutual aid organization. The remaining acres are wild land, protected for animal habitat.

Our community land trust model ensure that land will always be affordable to the land stewards who live there. We use a 99-year “ground lease,” at a rate set on a case-by-case basis to ensure that cost does not present a barrier to anyone. This ground lease offers the same long-term security that land ownership would, but unlike ownership it is affordable, and it protects the land from ever being sold for development. Land stewards can then build homes on the land, which they themselves own. 

In addition to our work of protecting and stewarding land, we offer community financing for projects on our land, we co-lead the Maine Land Share Project, we organize and educate for land justice, and we provide technical assistance to organizations working in Maine on the frontlines of land justice.