Our Work

The Maine Land Share Project

The Maine Land Share Project is a collaborative food security initiative that matches people seeking land to grow food with people who have land to share. The project was created in collaboration with Presente! Maine and the Resilience Hub, to increase food security, build solidarity through resource-sharing, and create opportunities for joy and outdoor connection.

Growing Equitable Rural Land Access

We are partnering with BIPOC land seekers to secure long-term land, both for people and communities most impacted by land-based injustice, and for organizations who seek to use land in support of wider work for justice. Our goal is to build community resilience through permanent land tenure.

The Subsistence Land Elders Project

We offer a commons-based pathway for land protection for Maine elders with small farms, “homesteads,” or gardens who wish to protect their land in perpetuity. Elders are able to pass on their land —by sale or gift—with confidence that it will be protected from development and will support land tenure for the next generation. Since our founding in 2008, farming elders have donated much of the land now that makes up our land base, and we, in turn, have ensured that land stewards maintain and care for the land.

Together, these three projects comprise a holistic approach to cultivating cooperative land ownership, equitable land access, and sustainable interdependence between human livelihoods and wild ecosystems.

We are building an advisory council around each of these areas, inviting organizers from most-affected communities as well as people with other kinds of relevant experience and expertise to help us shape each project so that this work is accountable, effective, connected, and truly transformative.

In addition to these core projects: we are continuing our work of land care and protection on our original parcel in Greene, in collaboration with Wild Mountain Cooperative; we are engaged in a number of conversations with organizational partners about new collaborations (we’ll announce these as they emerge); we are exploring possibilities for land-based reparations; and we continue to offer education, resources, technical support, and solidarity networking to other groups about cooperative land arrangements and community land trusts.

Let us know how we can connect with your work!