Study Circles

Community education is critical to the success of our work. In order to build a movement of people who are aware of the inequalities that manifest in the tenure of land, who seek to transform these unjust relationships, and who are inspired to participate in actively changing their own relationships to land, we need to provide opportunities for people to learn and reflect collectively.

We are currently seeking funding to support the development of a “Reimagining Land and Livelihood” popular education curriculum and a pilot Study Circle series that—in collaboration with members of our Advisory Council—would invite a diverse array of people to come together, share ideas, learn from others, and think together on collective strategies for change. This program, further refined through evaluation of the pilot, would then be scaled to multiple iterations across the state.

Each Study Circle group would constitute a new base of community connection for Land in Common, a new constituency of people excited to advance the work, and a new web of possible connections for land protection and land sharing.

Please let us know if you have ideas about this work, or if you’d like to get involved!