Urgent Action: Homes for All to Safely Quarantine!

One of Land in Common’s core values is that “a home is a fundamental right of all living beings.” As the COVID-19 virus spreads in our communities and we face the growing need to stay home and quarantine, we need to do everything possible to make sure that everyone has a home in which to safely shelter.

“People need homes in order to stay home,” say our friends at the Raise-Op Housing Cooperative.

This is why Land in Common is joining the Raise-Op and many others to urge Governor Janet Mills and the Maine State Legislature to take rapid action to protect housing for all Mainers.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, the “Homes for All to Safely Quarantine” platform calls for:

  1. No home foreclosures, evictions, rent increases, or penalties
  2. Homes and support for the homeless
  3. Debt suspension for homeowners and small businesses
  4. Cancel rent and reimburse landlords
  5. Safety for the incarcerated and detainees​
  6. Promoting housing as a human right and preventive healthcare measure

Please join us in supporting these crucial steps toward a just and effective response!

Ways to take action now:

  • Sign this petition to add your voice in support of a moratorium on housing evictions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Thank you!